Thursday, 15 September 2011

This month so far.

Well its been another crazy month, Me and Liz (aka Lily Greenwood) have a new person in our unit Rachel Saunders who creates lovely pieces of jewellery that are perfect alongside both mine and liz's work, you wont be able to resist. So Rachel will be working one of my days so i'll have more time to work on our album which is great!

If you haven't seen Rachel's work before you can sneak-a-peek here:

Also we had a great gig in Halifax parish church on Friday supporting John Grant which was a perfect opportunity for us to play some of the new tracks for the album live-scary in front of over 600 peoples though...and the best bit for me was getting to bang a drum- i had to resist not hitting it like a toddler with a new toy (pretty difficult) John was brilliant too..he had a grand piano and he played it beautifully, seemingly effortless.

We had a few tracks filmed too so i'll pop the link up for those as-soon-as. 

Also i got a lovely invite to watch a fashion show for Harvey Nichols last night which was great fun. Jessica Lowe was one of the main organiser's and the efforts were obvious, great clothes,models and Manchester's town hall as the backdrop made for the perfect atmosphere.

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