Friday, 21 January 2011

framed and ready

My new pictures are framed and up on my studio wall at manchester craft and design centre...the only problem is...i want to keep them.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Some more new images,
I couldn't get to a scanner with some of these so they're a bit shadowy...hope you're all managing to get through the gloom of january...i've realised the positives though, you don't just see more people attempting to do the right thing and bring themselves a little wellbeing with a jog-everyones enjoying doing something new- fresh start- clean slate- s'quite nice. Anyway...if you'd like to see some of these new ink drawings face to face i've got some framed up in the studio so pop in and say hello.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

little trip to london

I had a great time and always gain some sort of inspiration whilst i'm there...whether it be cocktails induced or not.

i wanted to have a nosey at some illustration whilst i was there and i came across this guys work Rene Gruau, i loved it...its rare that you get that feeling about things... :

christmas doodles

Whilst i've had some time off this christmas i got myself a fountain pen and had a nosey at some fashion blogs/sites which i love! and this is the first results...looking forward to buying some coloured inks and seeing what i can come up with. I also found this camera in a charity shop so i'm hoping to put that into action...if itworks.....