Thursday, 3 February 2011

february update


Got lots on at the moment!

Been trying to structure plans for recording the album and done some rough guides and written a few tracks whilsts working six day weeks and working on new ideas for my illustrative work at the craft centre. Luckily for me a.k.a liz has been a great help in our unit by working extra days for me.
Michael at has been working hard to get us some great gigs over the next few months, i always pop them on my myspace here:

If anyone knows of any great fashion photography blogs give me a shout! it would be muchly appreciated.
Happy valentines Day (if i don't post anything from now till then...thought i'd pop queen of hearts up there as a trying-not-to-be too-cheesy link)



  1. heres one -

  2. I love this lady's page, she's constantly updating it too which is great. keep me posted on any other finds!

  3. and here's another vintage inspired lookbook -

  4. i must seem like a stalker but here's another -